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The unique Daisy positioning creates business, it helps you sell, and it generates income. It adds up to a recession-proof business with a regular income stream. If you think you’d like to join the success of the Daisy chain we’d love to hear from you. Let’s have a chat, we’ll answer your questions, and we can even arrange for you to come and work with us for a while so you can get a real feel for the business before you decide. That way you can see first hand what a great growth opportunity Daisy is.

green franchise

Daisy is a unique business opportunity as good for you as it is for the environment. As the world’s only carbon neutral dry cleaning business, Daisy is at the forefront of the dry cleaner, greener attitude to business that is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. That’s why Daisy is such a rare and highly profitable business. Simply, Daisy is in tune with the growing customer awareness to be greener and to respect the environment. Our outlets have already proven the financial success of this forward thinking business. And of course, being first into this valuable market means Daisy has a head start on everyone else.

Cleaning Franchise

We live in challenging economic times yet the innovative Daisy garment cleaning system is a perfect business for today and tomorrow. Consider this: research shows in recessionary times people spend more looking after their clothes, having them regularly dry cleaned, than buying new ones. But when the upswing occurs people will also spend consistently on dry cleaning to ensure their new clothes remain as good as new. And as you know, there is a growing mass movement to greener brands. It means Daisy is a truly twenty first century brand set to flourish.

join the daisy chain

If you’re serious about becoming part of the highly rewarding Daisy Chain, please read the following. You’ll find it very informative and it will help answer many of the usual questions that pop up. (Knowledge is power).

1 first Register

As soon as you’ve registered your initial interest by emailing us your contact details and a little about yourself to (daisy web address) we’ll give you a call a have a chat. If we’re both happy to continue we’ll arrange to have a face to face meeting.

2 Our First Date

This is where we’ll get to know each other better. We’ll discuss the details and get down to the nitty gritty. We’ll ask you to bring a signed confidentiality agreement. Assuming all goes well and we both want to go on we’ll give you a Franchise Application form.

3 The Application

We’ll want you to complete the Application form and mail it to our head office along with an application fee cheque for $3000.00. Naturally this is fully refundable until the Franchise Offer is completed.

4 Our Second Date

This is where we invite you to come and work with us for a few days at Daisy. That way we can both work out if it’s worth while continuing the relationship and having a third date. At this stage we review your completed Franchise Application Form and go over any remaining questions you may have. We’ll also cover off a bunch of legal documents at this time.

5 Check us Out

We want you to be sure about us. So we recommend you take a week or two to look over all the legal papers and get some independent advice. It’s also a good time to talk to others in the daisy Chain and get their feedback.

6  Our Third Date

Getting serious now. Here we talk about any questions you might have about the Franchise paperwork. We also finalize all issues and make sure we’re both happy to take the final steps.

7 Our Fourth Date

Ready for commitment. This is where you’ll meet the Daisy Chain shareholders and go over any outstanding issues. Franchise papers are signed and you’ll need to pay either a portion of the franchise fee or the full amount, depending on site availability.

8 This is it

We put the Daisy wheels in motion to get you up and running in your agreed site – this includes training, store fit out and so on.

9 You’re Ready to Bloom

Your Daisy store opens and we make sure you’ll flourish by giving you an extra 2 weeks of training.

10 Your Future Looks Brilliant

Through on-going support we’ll help you maximize your store performance and continue to grow – healthy and wealthy

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